Keeping LRT-1 Safe


LRMC’s mission is to provide a safe transportation system, and the company achieves this by using best in class safety protocols. LRMC has been implementing above-minimum health and safety measures to ensure passenger and employee safety in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. It was the first to implement the “no-talking and no answering phone calls” policy inside the LRT-1 trains.

It has also pioneered the use of digital and mobile technology for information dissemination, convenient trip planning, and contact tracing of COVID positive passengers. In August 2020, LRMC introduced a new feature on its ikotMNL mobile app which allows LRT-1 passengers to activate a contact tracing feature via Bluetooth LE technology.

It also complies with the government’s directive of implementing the “No Face Mask, No Face Shield, No Entry” policy. Other measures include diligent temperature checks on all passengers and employees before entering the station platform; installation of disinfection mats, non-permeable plastic barriers on train seats, and thermal scanners in six (6) major LRT-1 stations; regular chemical disinfection complemented by UVc disinfection of all trains and stations; contactless transactions; and strict crowd control.

Passenger Reminders

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