Themed Trains

One of LRMC’s major campaigns every year is the Themed Trains Project

  • Love Train (February)
  • Gabay Guro (September / National Teachers’ Month)
  • Christmas Train

A regular hit among passengers and stakeholders, the themed trains campaign has contributed to increased ridership, improved satisfaction, and created customer delight among LRT-1 passengers. It was first rolled out during the 2016 Christmas season, followed by the 2017 Valentine’s Day, and the celebration of the National Teachers Month in September 2017. The project also won a Gold Anvil Award in 2018.

In December 2018, the window designs of the Christmas train featured translucent images of churches and other tourist attractions in parts of Metro Manila, which could be reached through the LRT-1. The poles were wrapped in colorful stained-glass-inspired design and silver-colored parols, Christmas balls, and pine tree leaves adorned the upper portions of the train. Commuters with smartphones were able to capture the QR codes on the displays to access information about the featured destinations. The launch also involved a Christmas outreach activity for 50 orphans from Hospicio De San Jose and the Pangarap Foundation.

For Christmas 2019, the theme was all about bringing it back home. Whether one is taking the daily commute from work to home v.v, or doing the holiday shopping, the LRT-1 riding experience is part of it, enabling closer connections to families and loved ones. The design feature a different type or feel of home per train coach – classic, modern, and urban. The articulation parts of the Christmas train set involved engagement activities and contests for passengers to be shared online to encourage more social conversations. During the launch day, LRT-1 passengers and media partners were serenaded by no less than Mr. Jose Mari Chan.

In celebration of Valentine’s Month last February 2020, LRMC continued its tradition with the launch of the LRT-1 Love Train. The theme was Love is in the Train, with the three coaches made up to display the different stages of love. The first train coach sported a sweet first date theme, coated in pastel colors displaying images of ice cream and donut desserts that budding couples often share together. The second coach is themed sweet shabby chic, with floral designs—as well as the three magic words: “She said yes!”—that came with a successful marriage proposal installed in the train’s articulation area. The third coach had a rustic wedding theme, which represents the intimate magic of the most important day of a couple’s life through wood, brick, and floral designs. There were love quotes printed on the windows of the train, as well as interactive wall activities to encourage passengers to take photos and share them online for surprise giveaways. LRT-1 passengers enjoyed some sweet treats and were serenaded by the LRMC choir and train operators with fun, heartwarming songs during the launch event.

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