Official Statement

In response to the recent statement of Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya on September 4,
2015 regarding claims by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) to the
Department of Finance (DOF) for the LRT 1 Project, LRMC clarifies that we have not made any
claims to the Government at this time.

Our focus is on taking over the existing system (Effective Date) on September 12, 2015.

The Concession Agreement outlines the obligations of the Grantors and the Concessionaire. If
there is any shortfall, the extent and magnitude of such shortfalls will be determined after
Effective Date. Any funds from the Government to LRMC will be used to improve the efficiency,
safety and overall riding experience of the Filipino public.

LRMC remains committed to expand the capacity of the trains to lessen waiting time. We will
refurbish existing trains and purchase new ones for the comfort of the passengers. To further
improve the safety of the riding public, we will replace the entire track system. We will
rehabilitate all the stations to improve the overall ridership experience. Finally, we will extend
the track by 11 kilometers from Baclaran to Niyog, Cavite to increase the reach of this mode of
transportation to a larger population.

LRMC is taking over a 30-year old train system. Improvements will not happen overnight but we
and our 1400-strong team of Filipino engineers, train drivers and tellers will work rigorously to
alleviate the pain points of the riding public.


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