LRT1 hires new train drivers, tellers to beef up service improvements

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LRMC introduces first female driver of LRT-1
LRMC introduces first female driver of LRT-1
Si Kathleen, ang 1st lady driver ng LRT

09 August 2016, MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) operator of LRT 1 today announced the hiring of its first female driver, who is among the new batch of station personnel hired and deployed to beef up railway operations on LRT1.

Under Project Arangkada, LRMC recently added 105 station tellers, 25 station supervisors, and 30 train drivers, in a bid to add more trips per day and open more teller booths at the station.

All new hires of LRMC had to fulfill strict requirements, with focus on the personnel’s technical competence, skills, and aptitude.

Under these strict hiring guidelines, LRMC hired its first female driver, 26 year old Kathleen dela Paz, a Hotel Restaurant Management graduate, wife, and mother of two. She started driving the trains earlier this month, following her completion of a specialized training course, taken alongside her fellow drivers.

“LRMC is very proud to hire its first lady driver demonstrating our company’s belief that skills and competence are not gender-specific. Ms. Dela Paz has shown prowess, customer-orientation, and a willingness to learn that dovetails with LRMC’s customer-focused philosophy,” said LRMC Operations Director Rodrigo Bulario.

Ms. Dela Paz, along with the new drivers, underwent specialized training to ensure that they could adequately serve in their respective positions. The training sessions comprised both technical and practical aspects, such as safety communication, incident/accident management, fault reporting, basic train driving and intervention, and hauling procedure for drivers. Refresher courses and customer service training are also regularly given to LRMC personnel.

Project Arangkada operationalizes LRMC’s mandate to increase train capacity to serve the estimated 400,000 commuters who ride LRT1 everyday.

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