LRMC advances preparations for target LRT-1 Roosevelt station reopening

No LRT-1 operations on December 3 and 4, 2022 for operational readiness tests

LRT-1 private operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) is announcing a temporary suspension of LRT-1 operations on 03 December (Saturday) and 04 December 2022 (Sunday) as it gears up for the reintegration of LRT-1 Roosevelt Station with its existing 19 operational stations from Baclaran to Balintawak.

During the weekend closure, LRMC will conduct readiness tests, trial runs, and exercises to check integration of the Roosevelt area under LRT-1’s brand-new Alstom signalling system.

“We advise our passengers to plan their trips ahead. We assure the public that the upcoming weekend closure with temporary inconvenience will result in long-term benefits for our commuters. In coordination with our private and government partners, it will be all hands on deck to ensure a safe and successful resumption of commercial operations for the full line,” LRMC Chief Operating Officer Rolando J. Paulino III said.

Once the results of operational exercises are confirmed to be acceptable, target commencement of commercial operations from LRT-1 Baclaran Station until LRT-1 Roosevelt Station will be the next day, 05 December 2022 (Monday). This is on the back of LRMC’s efforts to make LRT-1 Roosevelt Station become operational at the soonest possible time after being handed over by the government last June 2022.

LRT-1 Roosevelt Station was temporarily closed last 05 September 2020 to accommodate the government’s construction of the Common Station also known as the Unified Grand Central Station (UGCS), which is planned to connect the systems of LRT-1, MRT-3, and MRT-7 and allow commuters to seamlessly transfer from one rail line to another. However due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and adjustments in the construction timelines of the Common Station, reopening of LRT-1 Roosevelt Station was put on-hold resulting to limited LRT-1 operations servicing only from Baclaran to Balintawak (vice versa).

“We advise commuters to stay tuned as we conduct these readiness tests along the LRT-1 and be updated on the status of Roosevelt reopening. We assure the public that once reopening is confirmed, LRMC is ready to serve our LRT-1 passengers adding Roosevelt Station to our existing operational stations,” LRMC Chief Operating Officer Rolando J. Paulino III added.

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